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The technical progress of the 20 century brought a great amount of modern devices to our life, so that nowadays we can’t do without numerous domestic appliances, mobile phones, Internet or television. Surely cars have become indispensable for millions of people, who use them every day for business and personal aims. It is not only a means of transport that helps us get to work or study or carry goods from a supermarket, but also an opportunity to lead an active lifestyle. By car we can quickly get to another part of the city to visit a concert or meet friends, we can take children for a walk in a country park without an exhausting trip on a crowded electric train and we simply savetime that would be spent on waiting for public transport. Cars are necessary for those families who have to take old people to hospitals or getchildren to kindergarten. Most car owners highly appreciate privacy, that is provided by a personal auto in comparison with the public transport – you do not have to come into contact with strangers, give up your seats to old ladies or listen to the loud music in the bus. Rain, frost or snow are also less disturbing for drivers than for pedestrians.

Of cause, at the same time there are serious arguments against buying a car. Automobiles cost quite much, so you’ll have to limit your expenses in order to buy a car and support it. Choosing the car brand you should objectively assess your level of income. An expensive foreign car can look really prestigious, but the cost of spare parts, maintenance and insurance can force you to save on everything. If you get a used car the risk of high maintenance costs grows incredibly. The traffic problems in big cities also cause troubles for drivers – they spend lots of time every day to get anywhere in the rush hours, which makes them nervous and exhausted. Accidents sometimes occure, causing great harm. But if you dream about owning a car, the costs and other troubles are unlikely to stop you. Many people issue credits to afford an expensive luxury saloon or a brutal SUV that becomes not just a vehicle but also a reflection of their individuality.

Surely the identity of the motorist plays a decisive role in the car model choice. The car has to fit your lifestyle. Different models are suitable for a respected business person, a young family with kids or a pensioners’ couple. Your place of living is also important to consider when choosing a car. In any case, the car will certainly become your family member. Many car owners even give names to their cars considering them living beings!

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