History of Abbott Detroit

"Abboth Detroit" is an American manufacturer of luxury cars, which was founded in Detroit in 1909. Sleek, powerful and reliable cars of this brand were equipped with engines from the company "Continental", the former at that time one of the most advanced achievements of the US industry. In 1913 "Abboth Detroit" standardized electrical interior light and ignition, and began to offer a lifetime warranty on all their cars. In 1916, the company moved all production to Cleveland, removing from the names mentioned previous location.

For his first car "Abboth Detroit was offered a choice of 4-and 6-cylinder engines from Continental, and 8-cylinder engine "Herschell-Spillman". In 1911 the company has released a model called "B", which was produced in 4 variations: a 5-seat station wagon and Roadster price of $1500, 4-door sedan / saloon with removable and foldable roof for $1650 and coupe $2350. A year later the company introduced a new car model "44", had 3 options - 4-door station wagon with 7 passenger seats for $1800, a car with a folding roof for $1775 and luxurious limousine for $3000. In addition, they released a model "34", was the machine economy class. The price varied from $1275 for the Roadster without a roof and windscreen up to $2150 for a fully equipped coupe.

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