History of Alco

In the early twentieth century, after the economic crisis in the United States was founded, the company ALCO American Locomotive Company, which included eight different companies, specializing in the production of equipment for Railways and locomotives. The company was located in two major cities of the Northern hemisphere - the Montreal and Cincinnati, where it was deployed in production.

Few people know that ALCOHOL became the first automaker in the world, which is involved in the Assembly for other car companies. From 1906 to 1908 was deployed Assembly of the French car Berliet. However, since 1908, after the contract was broken unilaterally, ALCO began developing its own model car.

Ultimately, financial risks and overly creative ideas young engineer by the name of Chrysler, which later founded one of the largest and most successful companies in history, finally convinced management that it is better to stay in their niche and continue to produce locomotives and equipment for Railways. The only surviving model, which was not destroyed because of the lack engineers ALCO, became the prototype quadruple 70 convertible Touring, which became the ancestor of the first two cars Chrysler.

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