History of Alfa Romeo

Italian company Alfa Romeo traces its history, starting with the distant 1906, when Alexander Darrak, industrialist from France, in Italy has created a company that, as he had planned, will produce under license Darracq cars.

However, by 1910, cars from France did not find a buyer and difficult economic situation of the owner, forced him to close the factory in Italy.

But, only a few months later the company was bought by local entrepreneurs. The plant and all of its production facilities were reorganized, and a new company was named ALFA. Immediately after this was released the first model of 24 HP. New CEO Ugo Stella decided to actively promote the brand in the international arena. Upgraded 24 HP participated in the competitions held in Sicily.

5 years later, in 1915, the new owner of the brand becomes Nicola Romeo. Professor of mathematics, seeking glory in all things, what he did, wished to perpetuate his name and in his new project. And there was worldwide known modern name of the brand Alfa Romeo.

Roma hires a young man Enzo Ferrari, which begins to lead the company's participation in racing Grand Prix, which was preceded by Formula 1. Ferrari with the team wins all the competitions in which it participates, and the cost effectiveness of advertising and substantial prize, allow not only to prepare a racing car, but also to invest in the production of serial models. With the coming to power in Italy, Benito Mussolini, the company was nationalized and all top management was dismissed. Power was appointed a special Committee, which led the company together with the Board of shareholders.

The civic model, which has been actively developed and sold not only in Italy but also abroad, gave his utmost value to the new project Committee - Alfa Romeo is forced to start production of military equipment different plan from truck to aircraft engines. In 1939 the production of cars finally stopped, and four years later, the plant was completely destroyed by the aircraft of the allied forces.

In 1947, the company gradually began to take part in the first post-war competitions, in its place returns Enzo Ferrari. To collect the victory again they Commendatore, and the company received a substantial share of the prize, restores the production of civilian models. To work in Alfa Romeo comes prospective aviaengineer Orazio Satta, which is engaged in creation of such vehicles, which are able to combine sports features and practicality of everyday family vehicle.

Racing team Alfa Romeo won the first two world championship Formula 1, but without the Enzo Ferrari, which goes in his / her team, who later became one of the largest premium manufacturers. However, successful development and successful Union with design Studio Pininfarina, allow to produce in 1953 model Ti, which was developed crazy for those times 253 kilometers per hour, while remaining a family car.

The manufacturer produces several cars under the name of 1900, which had several variations of the body. However, expensive development was forced to increase the price of the auto, as a result, such models could not qualify for a wide range of customers. The problem was solved with the release in 1954 model Giullietta.

The combination of driving and cabin comfort, powerful engine and low cost gave the world the car that later became the example for all manufacturers of sports cars, and for the concern Alfa Romeo benchmark, which plays an important role in the development of all cars.

1960 was another critical blow to the troubled brand, as a result, the company was entirely under the control of the Italian government. Immediately after this, began worldwide sales of cars Alfa Romeo. Two years later, was released model Gulia, which replaced the outdated Juliet.

By 1971, was issued more than 15 new models, and the crowning success was the cooperation with the German company Porsche, designed to eliminate low quality power units of its own production. Was presented with 1.2 liter petrol engine, with a capacity of 63 horsepower, and fuel consumption was the lowest in the history of the European automotive industry - 2 liters per 100 kilometers. Model Alfasud equipped with this revolutionary engine has become one of the best selling models in Europe.

However, the end of the seventies was the crisis in the history of the company and the shareholders took a decision to enter into an Alliance with the Japanese company Nissan. Investing in a strong ally allowed in 1982 to produce the model Arna, designed to bring the Italian automaker out of the crisis.

The result of these activities known to car enthusiasts all over the world very well - 1986 Alfa Romeo is part of the auto giant Fiat, which tried to preserve the traditions automotive alpha, but with the use of its own technology.

In 1987, at the Frankfurt motor show was presented a new model, called the Alfa Romeo 164. It is worth noting that, with modest upgrades, model 164 lasted until 1998. Until it was replaced by the more perfect Alfa Romeo 166.

1991 gave the world sports sedan 155, and in 1997 it was replaced by the model 156, which won the "car of the year in Europe". In 1994, presented a compact hatchbacks 145 and 146, which was a legacy of the old models alpha, which were practical and sports cars at low prices.

In the 21st century Alfa Romeo 145 and 146 gave place to the model 147, which became the best selling car company Fiat in 2001, 2002 and 2004. The slope, made to the perfection of design in the 80-90s, gradually gave place to a new concept, which consisted in the use of advanced technologies, which are supplied to another unit of Fiat - Ferrari. In 2005 there were presented two new models. The first was the Alfa Romeo 159, which is positioned as a family sedan with a touch of a sporting nature of alpha and increased cabin comfort. The second is a sports coupe Brera, which was designed to compete with the expensive BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz C-class AMG.

In 2007, the company showed a sports model Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, which was first presented as a concept at the Frankfurt motor show in 2003.

In 2008 he began producing city car Alfa Romeo MiTo.

Today, the company produces models for various needs, presents a compact MiTo hatchback, which is in great demand in Italy and the USA. Present family station wagon 159, positioned as an inexpensive car to explore the city and beyond it. However, don't forget about the two sports models that are unique among other brands FIAT (the current owner of the company).

Model 4c and Giuletta, presented in 2012 and 2010, are positioned as low-cost, compact sports car.

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