History of Alpine

French brand "Alpine" was founded in 1954 racer by the name of Jean Redel. The company specialized in the manufacture of sports coupes that were supposed to challenge the dominance of English and Italian brands on the automotive market in France.

With the support and active participation of well-known automotive engineers of that time the brothers Chappe, Redel was able to develop and present the first model of the brand Alpine A106 Mile Miles, which was developed on the basis of Renault A106, but got a body made of fiberglass. By the way, this game with the perfect ratio of power and weight of the car has allowed the UK to produce cars with the lowest possible cost. As a result, A, in spite of a long trial because of the name with the British brand Sunbeam, chassis and engine 4СV so fond of buyers that a few months later the company "Renault" suggested Redel cooperation. Thus was born the model, which one after the other winners of the prestigious race twenty-four hours of Le Mans.

In 1958, with the generous funding and technical support, "Renault" on sale model A, which was a new generation of the legendary u. By 1968, the company successfully perform at all major competitions around the world, challenging Ford, Fiat and Porsche not only in Europe but also beyond. However, the oil crisis of 1973 had seriously hit "Alpine" who put all their funds in the construction of new plants in Brazil, Bulgaria and Spain. The result was a surprise to many experts, the bankruptcy of the company, which could not save even capital injections concern "Renault".

Nevertheless, 1973 gave the world Alpine A310, which in 1975 was still the best car in all serious body competitions, until it was superseded by another legendary model Lancia Stratos.

On the economic front, the bankruptcy of the company led to the fact that Renault was forced to buy and pay off all debts Alpina, and at the same time to absorb long-standing ally. This was the beginning of a three-year lull, but as it turned out, the storm was yet to come.

In 1978 was presented to the Alpine-Renault A442B, received revolutionary turbocharged engine and won the biggest victory in the history of racing on the track at Le Mans in the 20th century. In 1980, again starts selling ל-310, and Alpine is releasing a new model class Gran Turismo, called GTA.

However, successful sales did not protect the company from the latest economic decline in 1995, after which it was completely shut down all production cars of its own design. In our day Alpine is part of the division of Renault Sport and working on modifying charged versions of hatchbacks company "Renault", such as Clio and Megan, as well as the development of technical solutions for the sports programs of concern. For example, thanks to the "Alpine" in 2005, was designed gearbox for champion racing Renault, who won the individual championship and the Cup of constructors in the class Formula 1. One of the copies Cup was awarded to the CEO of Renault Carlos Ghosn personally Jean Redel.

However, in 2009, the program participation in the race was stopped, and after the death of Redele in 2007, the European automotive market sometimes excite the rumors that Alpine will again be revived, as a sports brand "Renault" for USA and China.

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