History of Anadol

In 1966 he founded the Turkish company "Anadol", which was the first manufacturer in Turkey. The dreamer by the name of Vechi Koch was the first dealer of the company "Ford" in Turkey and Syria, starting in 1928, he controlled 95% of the sales of all American brand cars. In 1959 Koch founded the company "Otosan", which in addition to car sales Ford begins to do more and their maintenance. However, after the first unsuccessful attempts of the Turkish government to start manufacturing your own car, receiving generous funding, Koch has initiated the establishment of the company. Incidentally, the name "Anadol" was selected through a competition held among the population.

Enterprising businessman bought the license to produce the car of the British company "Reliant" under its own brand, in parallel, started developing my own model based on a British car. In 1972 was presented to the second model, called Anadol A1 Mark II, which became the market leader in Turkish automotive market, and in 1973 came the model SV1600 representing A1 in the station wagon.

In addition, in 1974, was presented to a sports version of the A1, which, however, has not gained popularity and was sold 15 copies for 3 years. In 1982 he produced last SV1600 and the company has suspended its operations, engaged in the development of a new model, but the economic downturn of the parent company "Otosan" prevented the release of the new car, and in 1997, Ford has fully redeemed its main dealer in the middle East, simultaneously closing and "Anadol".

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