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In 1926, was presented the first prototype of the car of the British company "Arab". Its originators were Railton and Thomas, who just a few years later wrote their names in the history of world Motorsport. However, resigned from the "British Leyland" two young men dedicated themselves to two completely different classes. Railton founded the company "Arab", which was to specialize in the production of sports cars for international competition, for example, "Alfa Romeo", and Thomas went to work in a racing team, specializing in the installation of world records for speed.

However, in 1927, friends reunited and presented to the public sports cars Arab Sport and Arab Super Sport. The model had the same technical equipment, the main difference was in the number of seats. However, six months later, Thomas is killed during another attempt to break the world record, and in January 1928 Railton decides to close the company, releasing a total of 12 cars that were to take part in major competitions, but with other private teams. However, Railton not left the automotive industry and after the Second World War took an active part in the development of the Rover, Ford and Bentley, thus getting in 1956 knightly order.

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