History of Audi

Modern history of the company "Audi" began long before its formation as a separate manufacturer inside concern "Volkswagen". In 1934 it was part of the Alliance of four well-known German brands "Auto Union", which was originally involved in the development of individual models under its own brand, and later as a supplier of technologies for cars under the same brand name.

In 1945, when all the plants "Auto Union" were either destroyed by military action or dismantled and removed from the country. The company in 1940 had to change the place of residence, living in Bavaria. There has been a revival of the "Audi" after the Second World War.

In 1949 were released early postwar trucks, and motorcycles under the brand name "Auto Union", the production of which was completely on the shoulders "Audi". However, in 1950, was the first post-war motor car company - F89 P Master Class. The economic situation "Audi" gradually deteriorated, due to the growth of car sales Volkswagen and Daimler. So in 1958, Daimler-Benz bought a controlling stake in "Auto Union", and a year later, Audi became a full subsidiary of the Corporation Daimler.

By 1964, Audi brought only losses of its parent company and hope for redress is almost gone. Putting it up for sale, Daimler were confident that eminent manufacturer spends his last years. However, the company was fully purchased by Volkswagen, whose leadership has decided to improve the image and brand recognition through the issuance of all new models under the brand Audi.

The first car built at factories Audi after a change of ownership, became the model of the Volkswagen beetle, and at this time, in secret from all the main designer companies have already worked on the creation of your own car, which had become a new model of the company for many years. So in 1968 saw the light of the model of the middle class Audi 100. In 1969, "Audi" was the restructuring process, by becoming an independent brand. And in 1972 the company was headed by Ferdinand of Piech, the period of leadership of which was a Golden Age for this brand. Were patented turbo, all-wheel drive Quattro. In addition, Audi began to participate in the world rally championship, where they won 23 momentous victory. In parallel with the sports program, the company leads the development of new technological solutions that could be used in the serial production of cars.

In 1993 Audi Gmbh took over the British manufacturer of sports engines Kossworth", as well as Italian manufacturer of sports cars "Lamborghini" and the Spanish firm "Seat".

Throughout its eventful history, the German company has achieved many awards and victories conquered the world rally championship, championship, sports prototypes and 24 hours of Le Mans, the most prestigious race of endurance.

Unlike all other brands of concern "Volkswagen, Audi does not use the technology of the parent company, and, conversely, delivers her. The company's engineers produce and develop multiplatform, which built almost all modern cars German giant, but few people know that Audi is not limited to vehicles of mass production. Modern Audi produces various models of cars, from urban hatchback to luxurious sedans and luxury sports cars of its own design.

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