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"Autocars Co." is the first automaker from Israel, founded in the 1950s. Before, the country was only Autosport, who collected American car of prefabricated components. Popular models of this brand were "Sussita", "Carmel", "Gilboa". Also, at the company's plants collected Himo Contessas and other auto similar to the British Triumph of ready sets in the late 1960s-H. In 1974 the company was bought Rom Carmel Industries, owner of Autocars Co.", Isaac Shubinsky, resigned. 4 years later the company bought "Urdan Industries. In 1980 Autocars Co." has released their latest cars and closed.

Cars Autocars Co." had a fiberglass body, and enjoyed considerable demand in Israel in the 1960s and 1970s, one of the reasons was that they were forced to buy government bodies. This has led to a significant growth market for affordable cars with mileage. Although the style and decoration hire company left much to be desired, their staffing motors, Ford and Triumph made reliable machine that maintained their popularity for many years. Production company cars was completed in 1980, and today in Israel there is only one automaker - "AIL".

Also, "Autocars Co." was released car converted from a car Reliant. It was called Sabra Sport, (the first word is translated from Hebrew as "born in Israel", and as "cactus", which was reflected in the logo). In 1960, Isaac Dubinsky presented at the auto show in new York little pickup Israeli production, but quickly realized that it won't work, and embarked on a new project. He bought the rights to use the body "Ashley" on Sassa "Leslie Ballamy", and agreed with the company "Reliant" on the Assembly of the motor, and chassis in the finished car. As the engine was used 1703-CBM unit from Ford. The company "Reliant" was authorized to deliver the first 100 cars for sale in USA.

In 1961, at the auto show in new York presented the first sports car Sabra. On the VIN-plate cars were written "Autocars Company Limited Haifa Israel", but actually they were assembled in the UK. Some cars Sabra was really made in Israel, but only 41 car was exported to the United States. One of the cars Sabra participated in the 12-hour race of Sebring in 1963, but did not get to finish due to a broken drive shaft.

Between 1964 and 1968 the firm sent 81 car Sabra (quarter production) in Belgium. Production stopped during the 6-day war". Orders have been confirmed, but the delivery was postponed until 1968-1969. Today on the roads of the planet travels more than 100 cars Sabra, more than 20 of them in Belgium.

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