History of Barkas

Among the producers in Eastern Germany it is worth noting the company Barkas, specializing in the production of minibuses and vans brand B1000. Based on this platform from 1961 to 1991 also manufactured trucks light duty.

The production was established on the base of the plant Framo, nationalized by the government of the GDR.

The first birth B1000 happened with 3-cylinder two-stroke engine from the old car Wartburg. With this engine and he came almost up to 1991. Shortly before the explosion, this engine was replaced with a four-stroke, made under licence of Volkswagen. The engines on Barkas supplied in the USSR and the Union Republic was established and more powerful - car Lada. The car had a strange design of the front (and only) brake system with switchable drive one wheel. Instead of CV joints in the wheels was used pencil hinges.

The total number of cars was 175 740 model B1000 and 1961 car model B1000/1S.

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