History of Bentley

The story of the brand Bentley Motors quite original and interesting as the cars of this manufacturer. It began in 1919, when a well-known racer and expert in the field of mechanics Walter Bentley decided to create his own sports car. Bentley first years it was a sports car, comfort is not particularly distinguished, reliable and as simple as possible. These parameters Creator focused and always be monitored.

The first model is called the Bentley 3L, where number was specified volume of motor vehicles. He drew public attention to this interesting brand. The car was so well assembled, that in 1921, he entered a sale, well dispersed throughout England. However, Bentley was from the outset an expensive car. In the early years of the cause of this was outstanding sports car performance. Outstanding performance speed, manageability and reliability made the car a lot of these professionals. The high price did not allow to reach a wider market. Bentley Motors is one of the few companies, which in the 1920s, he was offered a full 5 year warranty on all their cars.

To 1930th year the company produces several more expensive models of cars that can boast an enviable performance. The market situation changed in 1930-th year, when the whole world is affected by the great Depression. At this point, the demand for expensive sports car is noticeably shorter, the very race they are almost never held, and the last major podelki brand is the race "24 hours of Le Mans in 1930-th year. Unable to compromise, Walter Bentley releases new car is even more expensive and fast. As a result, the company is almost bankrupt and it gets Rolls-Royce Motors Ltd.

Designation and appearance of cars under the brand Bentley with this time change. Spartan, austere design is replaced by more expensive, borrowed from most models of Rolls-Royce Motors Ltd at that time. The founder Bentley is still working in the company for another 4 years, after which it leaves. Unfortunately, the period from 1931 to 1980, the first year is associated with an undeserved oblivion brand Bentley.

At this time, the cars are positioned as luxury vehicles for wealthy people who are used to operate the machines. Bentley becomes the equivalent of the Rolls-Royce, with the best technical characteristics. You receive the kind of pomposity and arrogance status, which absorbs a true sporting character of the car.

The Bentley range is divided into 3 series: Red Lable, Black Label and Green Label.

In the first the emphasis on comfort, while the second sporting performance, and the third is an average option.

In this form the Bentley lasted until 1980, the year when the automotive market have been major changes.

At this time, the Volkswagen Group acquired the brand Bentley and mastered its release in new plants. The car was transformed, both internally and externally. German experts restored him to his former sporting spirit and updated visual design. Was created the whole unit, which to this day is working to individualize each model Bentley. In 2003 altered the standard car for the first time since 1930, the year he won the race "24 hours of Le Mans".

In 2002, the group Bentley gave Queen Elizabeth II limousine service in honor of the Golden anniversary.

In 2003, sales of two-door convertible Bentley Azure rose, and the company introduced the most expensive coupe-convertible - car brand Bentley Continental GT. The car was so popular that the plant in Cheshire was unable to meet the demand. As a result, the release of the 4-door version of the car brand new Continental GT and Flying Spur series moved to the Transparent factory plant.

In early 2006 Bentley showed the model 4 seater convertible Azure, which turned out using a modification of a prototype of the brand Arnage Drophead Coupe. In November of the same year came to light convertible brand Continental GT and Continental GTC.

Today Bentley cars are considered the standard of expensive style. This is not surprising, because their stores are sheathed skin manually, and the quality of all parts is kept at the highest level.

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