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Bernard, like many brands of European cars got its name by the name of the Creator Edward Bernard. In the years of prosperity, company cars compared with Spanish-susami cargo world, so great was the respect for the models Bernard. Meanwhile, the founder of the company has been criticized for arbitrariness and not conceptual invention, not the canonicity and the wrong approach to the design case. This, however, did not prevent the cars Bernard to conquer thousands of motorists around the world.

Early in his career, Bernard was an artist, but in 1914 A.D., after the mobilization of the production plant of Renault, was fond of technology. This was a turning point in the career of the young inventor. Purchased a small building after the war, Bernard has invented a new system called cargo and invented dumping mechanism on the basis of two pneumatic cylinders. Later he sold the license to this invention by a few large companies.

In 1923 he bought a plot of land in Paris and opens his own factory for the production of dump trucks. In parallel, the young inventor and designer develops own a 1.5 ton truck with a unique chassis that receives approval at the international motor show in Paris. Strategic decision for the company was the invitation designer Charles LeBlanc, which significantly improved engines and created a more powerful trucks. In 1929 Bernard exposes to the public the trucks with 4 and 6 cylinder engines, with electric starter and lighting. Most famous companies have brought the model of Bernard six. The car moved at an average speed of 46 km/h, which in those days was considered a very significant achievement. Trucks Bernard was equipped with a bed and a spacious tank by as much as 500 liters of fuel.

Produced Bernard and heavier trucks, in particular biaxial model AN6, G6 and GB6, carrying up to 7.5 tonnes.

Later, in 1930-th year Bernard is taken for the development of diesel engines of its own design based on engines from the French company CLM. In the end, received the motors with characteristics superior to all other existing competitors and allow Bernard to take up the production of three-axle vehicles with capacity from 12 to 18 tons.

Innovation in these machines have also become hydro-pneumatic brakes, significantly improved traffic safety.

After the Second World War, Bernard continued release of all sorts of trucks with their own body structure. Came to light models such as SA, CA4 and 110 MA. Produced the company and the trucks of different capacity and sizes. Tractors, buses and trucks are also manufactured under this brand in 1949.

Unfortunately, the company spent huge funds for the development of innovative technologies. Bernard was on the verge of financial collapse. At the same time, she becomes the object of attention of the American automakers are looking for new markets in Europe. After the death of the founder in 1951, Bernard came under the control of the shareholders. In 1963, an agreement was signed on early release American heavy truck "Mack". Considered to be the date of the last in the history of the famous brand, introduced in the automotive industry so many interesting innovations.

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