History of Brilliance

Chinese automaker Brilliance China Auto today is one of the largest car manufacturers in China, supplying its products to European countries and USA. The company maximum attention to the development and production of vans and cars. The great success of the company is guaranteed a good share capital from companies Shenyang Automotive and Shenyang JinBei Automotive Company Limited.

In 1994, the year the company enters into a partnership agreement with Toyota group on training of employees of the company. The termination date of the agreement dated 30th November, 1995. By the end of the contract the shares of Brilliance for 3 years already attended the new York stock exchange.

The first minibus, issued from the pen of the designers of the enterprise was released in 1996 and was called JinBei. In 1998, the company expands production, purchasing companies Mianyang Xinxen and Ningbo Yuming. The company in 1999 and has released more than 70 000 buses. Then, in 2000 Brilliance buys controlling stake in Shenyang Xinguang, which specializes in the manufacture of gasoline engines.

Thus Brilliance gathers the company for a completely independent car production in 2002 is its car - SY7200 Zhonghuа approved by the Chinese government.

Since then, the company is constantly evolving and developing new markets in Europe and America, improves the quality of their cars and cooperates with the renowned design Studio to bring the appearance of their machines under the strict standards of the EU and the USA. The first representation of Brilliance in Russia was opened in 2007. Vehicles first used a small success, but over time, with the expansion of the dealer and the repair network, have found their consumers. The share of sales of these Chinese cars in the near future will only grow.

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