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Company BYD Auto is a subsidiary company BYD Company Ltd, specializing in the manufacture and supply of equipment of various types for automotive industries and other industries. Initially, the plant was to produce a battery, and its staff consists of 30 employees. But with the adoption of the 2003 decision by realigning the company to manufacture a car, its staff has grown to 40 thousand people.

New technologies became the basis of car production at factories BYD. Own staff of engineers has allowed us to develop and create the optimal ratio of price and quality of internal combustion engines. The developers took into account the European experience of constructing engines and brought to it his own work. Were not forgotten and European requirements for safety, environmental and reliability of the car.

The company's head office is located in Shenzhen. Here, on the main factory assembled battery. On the other hand, the city also opened a plant for the Assembly of high-precision devices and LCD equipment for cars BYD Auto. This production base provides the car an upscale appliances. Shanghai boasts a large research complex of the company. And in the city Xiang was opened another plant of the company for the additional issue machines.

Beijing is located in the steel manufacturing company BYD. In the same city has a Department specializing in the identification and elimination of damage to the body.

The first model was the car Flyer, published in 2003. Production of this car was cheap enough when its technical characteristics. However, he replaced quickly came other models of the company - F3 and F8, and later F6 - car modification F3. It is worth noting that the company specialized on the production of internal combustion engines and hybrid models and electric motors for vehicles, which, in combination with batteries of its own production effectively worked in cars BYD.

Model F8 in 2008 he received a new engine, the 2.4-liter rated at 140 HP Other models the company also undergone major changes. Great attention BYD Auto is paid to the manufacture of low-power small cars with high efficiency, which are in demand in key markets.

In Russia the company is represented since 2007 and currently supplies almost the entire range of their cars. Forecasts for expansion BYD positive, and the automaker considers Russia as a good market for their products.

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