History of Cadillac

In 1902, was founded one of the oldest car companies of the United States of America, "Cadillac". Founded engineer by the name of Henry Leland and entrepreneur William Murphy. 1902 was the last year the Car company of Detroit, which immediately left the Henry Ford, and all the fragments of the once large enterprises and were purchased Murphy. The unusual name of the brand was named after the founder of Detroit city.

Immediately there were presented several models that have developed another Ford. Sale low priced cars have a good income, and Leland, who by that time had already occupied the post of General Director of the company, has introduced such innovative solutions as an electric starter and quiet gear box. However, in 1928, the "Cadillac" was sold to the auto giant General motors, the shares of which had the U.S. government. After two years, was presented luxury model 452, which has received the world's first avtokondicioner.

However, proprietary faded into the background, and the main production of the Cadillac became cheap Cadillac 30, got all the latest options, including a new version of the head light. In addition, the model was equipped with a power unit with the capacity of 30 horsepower. The next car was the first eight-cylinder Cadillac Type 51. This model is so much fond of Woodrow Wilson that Cadillac has become the official partner of the U.S. government and throughout its existence continues to deliver a model for all of the first persons of the state.

The last pre-war model Cadillac was 60 Special, which was so ahead of all its competitors that without significant upgrades lasted from 1938 to 1948, occupying more than 40% of the total production volume of the "General motors".

During the Second World War, the company commences production of military equipment, including tanks, using his special approach in this area. Tanks Cadillac were in demand not only by the American army, but the English and French armies, which were forced to only buy a license to build the standard version of heavy equipment.

In 1945, the "Cadillac" is returned to the production of civilian vehicles, diligently engaged in the implementation of new security standards throughout the automotive industry. So there was a scattering models for all segments of the market - budget model Colorado Eldorado is widespread among the masses, and after many celebrities were showing interest to hire "Cadillac", began booming sales. Each of the models has received many modifications were presented to family and Executive sedans, convertibles, and roadsters, luxury and sports car coupe.

In keeping with its philosophy throughout the twentieth century, "Cadillac" gradually lost its leading position "Chrysler" and that Japanese brands like Nissan and Toyota, being confined to the dominance in the premium segment.

The centenary of the company was presented a revolutionary new model Cadillac Escalade, built on the platform of the Chevrolet Tahoe. The car became the first representative of a new direction design company, which was repeated military design Mercedes Benz G and thus remained a full-size seven-seat SUV. The company introduced many new models, which were developed together with a number of automotive companies from Europe. This solution allowed the "Cadillac" to find a buyer outside the USA.

In 2006, was updated DeVille. The new flagship called the DTS, but it is still a front-wheel drive. And model CTS, STS and XLR are still made in the "charged" versions of the CTS-V, STS-V and XLR-V.

In 2007, debuted the model BLS Wagon, which was intended for the European market. For Chinese consumers, a model was created Cadillac SLS.

Before the line of Cadillac were made in accordance with the tastes of Americans. But now General Motors has decided to turn the brand into an international brand, and called Cadillac began selling model not only for the American market.

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