History of Calthorpe

1904 was the first English car brand Calthorpe, which was built by the enthusiast and former bike manufacturer by the name of George the Office. The car was equipped V4 10 ph unit Fenfir and PTO drive. In 1906 there were presents an improved version of this model, and a year later saw the light of Calthorpe 16/20 HP, which had a 2.3-liter motor. In 1920, he was the most famous model of the company.

Calthorp Minor, compact sports car with a monocoque body, had a 1.1 liter engine, with a capacity of 25 horsepower and sports a three-stage mechanical gear box. In 1922, at the company's plants was restructuring, and one of them started producing motorcycles under the brand name of the Office. In parallel, began production of the new model sports car Calthorp 12/20 HP. At the same time, financial difficulties forced the Hands to select one of the shops the only remaining plant Calthorpe" under repair cars Morris.

However, the crisis of 1928 forced the company to abandon the use of the two plants, and the production of motorcycles the Office and hire Calthorp was carried out under one roof. Recent hire company "Calthorpe" rolled off the Assembly line in 1932, and motorcycle division was changed to the creation of military versions of lightweight motorcycles. By the way, motorcycles Hands were one of the main vehicles in Moto regiments of the British army during the Second World War. However, 1932 was the last for ambitious sports brand, the fragments of which became part of Austin.

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