History of Changan

Established in 1862 in the Chinese city of Chongqing machinery factory ChangAn Machinery" today known as one of the largest automakers in the country under a slightly changed name of "Changan Automotive Corp. At the company's plants are produced models for the Chinese market and for export to other countries.

The company survived nationalization, then worked for some time together with the Japanese company "Suzuki". The beginning of its rise was in 1995, when "ChangAn" updated lineup of vans subcompact class, based on the development of "Suzuki" of previous years. In 2001, we formed a joint venture with the Corporation "Ford", called "ChangAn Ford Motor". It started the Assembly works, producing for the needs of China and other Eastern countries are ready cars from kits manufactured in India.

In 2006, the firm has added to its range of Landwind SUV that was going on her plants and sold under the trademark "ChangAn". In 2007, he went into the production van CV9.

In order to break into the highly competitive European market, "ChangAn" released model Eado, which was designed by Stefano of Carminati. The car received the highest scores for cristesti, was also equipped with systems for the protection of pedestrians in a collision. In addition, for the safety of passengers the driver in the car were installed 6 airbags. The engine Eado was 125 horsepower at the volume of the cylinder 1.6 litre.

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