History of Changfeng

In 1950 he founded the Chinese automotive company "ChangFeng". The first years of its existence, the company was engaged in the development of military equipment and heavy machinery, special purpose. Only in 1980, with extensive experience in the creation of off-road military vehicles, brand ChangFeng presented his first civilian SUV model called CJY620. And in 1993 signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese company Mitsubishi, which has provided Chinese companies the right to manufacture one of its SUV models.

In 2000, the Japanese acquired a 20% stake in "ChangFeng", which began to collect almost all models Mitsubishi, designed for the automotive market of China, along the way localized under its own brand production of the Chinese version of the Mitsubishi Pajero. By 2005, "ChangFeng" became the leader of the Chinese market and China began creating their own cars. By this time, the share of Japanese "Mitsubishi" dropped to 15%, after which the shareholders "ChangFeng" fully bought her in 2011.

In 2006 he was presented ChangFeng Leopard, which became the best-selling mid-size SUV not only in China, but also Vietnam, Thailand and Latin America. In 2007, "ChangFeng" localized production of spare parts and kits for brands such as Toyota, Renault, FIAT, Ford, gradually capturing new market segments. In 2009, launched an IPO of the company, after which it was officially announced that the company is developing its own gasoline Euro 5 engine, and hydrogen power unit, work on which was completed in 2011.

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