History of Chevrolet

In 1911, was the largest division of the auto giant General motors, GM owner William Durant founded together with several investors and well-known racer and engineer Louis Chevrolet, in whose honor the new brand got its name "Chevrolet". In 1912, was presented the first model of Chevrolet, which was called Classic Six. The car was equipped with a four-cylinder engine, rated at 40 horsepower and three-step mechanical transmission. However, because of the too high cost of a more perfect model of the classic six was unable to compete with Ford So

In 1915, the company's management has developed a new concept car, where the main slope was made in favor of high reliability and affordable prices, which could overpower any American family. The following year was presented a new model of Chevrolet 490, which was the first and biggest success of the brand in the automotive market of the United States of America. Thanks to the simple design, which carried a payload and could be modified for various needs - the presence of two or four doors, a small cargo compartment or a full cargo space. The engine was located 2.8-liter power unit with a capacity of 26 horsepower. In 1921, the model has undergone minor modifications, became in 1927, the best-selling on the market, putting the company "Chevrolet" in leaders in car manufacturing in the United States.

In 1935, was the first wagon brand called Suburban, which had a hard three-door body and a long base. Power unit model was developed in such a way that in a compact size was equivalent to the engine 490 models. In addition, there was a version of the pickup truck, a body which was divided into the cabin and cargo space.

After the Second World War the company "Chevrolet" begins to cooperate with the legendary designer Harley Earl, who has previously worked with several divisions of General motors before moved to the "Chevrolet". In 1953, was presented his first work - Chevrolet Corvette, which has received the body of fiberglass. In addition, the model was equipped with a 3.8 liter turbo engine, with a capacity of 152 horsepower and revolutionary automatic gearbox, which had only two gears. In 1957 was introduced modification in the back of the Roadster. The model was equipped with eight-cylinder 4.6-liter engine with direct fuel injection and automatic transmission was replaced with a classic four-speed manual gearbox.

In 1958 was represented by another legendary model - Chevrolet Impala, which was built on the chassis of a Cadillac. The sedan was built around a rear-drive chassis, and was equipped with eight-cylinder turbo engines with capacity from 195 up to 360 horsepower. There were presented several versions of the Impala, including coupe, convertible and Roadster.

In 1961 was presented to the Chevrolet Corvair was the first mass car with independent suspension all wheels, which became the progenitor of the off-road line of Chevrolet. However, by 1970, the financial position of the entire automotive industry of the United States of America has deteriorated and only a compact and economical model was able to rectify the situation on the market. In those years, Chevrolet began production of several subcompact models, such as VEGA, Monza and Chevette.

Until 1991 Chevrolet has taken a leading position in the automotive market of the United States of America and Canada. However, to successfully enter the market of Europe was signed a strategic agreement with the Korean brand "DEU", which in 1998, after a major financial crisis in Asia, was entirely under the control of General motors".

Thus, all current models of Daewoo that time were produced and sold under the brand Chevrolet in all countries except South Korea, where he was saved original brand. With such an important purchase, "GM" has received extensive model range of budget segment, which allowed again to bring the group leaders in sales and production of automobiles in the world.

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