History of Cmc

In 1969 he founded the "Chinese Car Company, situated on the territory of Taiwan. For money Japanese investors have built several factories and Assembly plants. The reason for this was the conclusion of the contract with Mitsubishi motors, which launched an extensive production of all their current lineup that time the plant in Taiwan.

Initially, the company "CMC" engaged in the production of civilian cars Japanese brand, investing all their profits in the process. Gradually, in 1975, began manufacturing commercial vehicles Mitsubishi, Toyota and Nissan, which allowed CMC to become a major contractor in the automotive world, ahead of the canadian company Magna.

In addition, at the same time, the company "CMC" has released its first car under the name of Varik, who became an upgraded version of the obsolete Mitsubishi Minicab intended for the domestic market of China.

By 1991, the company began to produce cars of other Chinese brands, but a year later he signed another deal with Daimler, which in turn became a new partner Mitsubishi. In 1994, the company Mitsubishi bought a 15% stake in CMC, becoming the second after the country's government, the largest shareholder of the company. However, "CMC" decided to abandon the production of the car, continuing to increase Assembly capacity.

In 2007 power company "CMC" allowed to open a subsidiary called "Fujian Daimler, which was to collect all relevant model range of Mercedes-Benz for sale on the Chinese market.

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