History of Crossley

In 1860 Crossley brothers founded in Manchester, UK, a small production firm fixed powertrain system Otto. The company got its name by the name of the founder brothers, who dreamed of creating your own self-propelled carts. In 1901, at the request of the French firm "Jarratt", the company started the development of the first car. The first model Crossley received four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 22 horsepower.

5 years later was presented with the second generation Crossley engine, with a capacity of 40 horsepower. The hire company received a chain rear-wheel drive, cardan shaft and likeness modern mechanical transmissions. In addition, the third model of the company, which had the title 20/26 HP became the first European car with brake discs on all wheels.

In 1909, was presented the first budget model Crossley 12 HP, which had a lot of modifications of the body. The second generation model called Chelsy had an even greater number of modifications, the most popular of which was a version of the sports coupe.

During the First World War Crossley cars were used to transport the high command, and the model 20/26, received modification 20/25, was used as a platform for the release of ambulances. In addition, on its basis were presented armored cars and light trucks.

After the war, "Crossley" totally focused on creating sports cars, presenting a whole scattering of various classes of models. And in 1921 began production under license of the cars Bugatti. After the economic crisis of 1929 was focused on creating a budget car, held out on the market until 1937, then moved on to the production of special equipment and trucks. In 1956 the firm, Crossley closed permanently.

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