History of Csepel

In 1948 in the town of chapel on the site of the German automobile plant was laid Hungarian automotive company, which was named in honor of the city - "Csepel". Two years later, the company officially opened and began assembling the Austrian military trucks under its own brand. The first model is called the Csepel D350. Heavy 3.5-ton truck got a 5.3-liter diesel engine, with a capacity of 53 horsepower, and immediately entered the army of Hungary, and in 1951 he began to use military of Venezuela.

In 1952, was presented the first modification Csepel D350, which was a side 4 and 4.5 ton truck, with a capacity of 95 and 100 horsepower. In 1961 was presented model D344, which was fully developed by the engineers of the Hungarian company. The engine was located 110-horsepower engine displacement of 5.5 liters. An important feature of the new model was the availability of all-wheel drive with transfer case mechanical differential and a modern gearbox. A year later on the basis of 344 was built light bowser D346, received aerodynamic. Both models were produced in the factories "Csepel" until 1972.

In 1971 the company "Csepel" started to create three-axle four-wheel truck on the basis of the Ural-375D, which was named D566. Thanks to a completely redesigned platform, the truck was able to carry up to 6 tons of cargo on the roads and up to 8.5 tons on the highway.

The next 18 years "Csepel" successfully supplied equipment for civilian purposes - ambulances and fire engines, has released several vans and pickup their own development, as well as worked closely with the army of Hungary and Czechoslovakia. However, the financial crisis hit the company too much and the company closed in late 1989.

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