History of Dacia

Dacia is a company with a rich history and a complicated past, which today continues to delight hit Romanian motorists. The company's first factory was opened in 1968 in the city of Colibasi. One of the first released models was a very dangerous machine 1300, which was not even elementary concepts about the safety of passengers and driver. Teaming up with Renault Group, the company started to produce models Dacia 1300, 1310, 1400, 1410. In fact, they were all based on the Renault 12. Technical characteristics they are not inferior to the French counterparts, but strict socialist regime did not allow to upgrade the cars, in accordance with the spirit of the times. Therefore, following 35 years of Dacia was produced with the same body type as before.

If to speak about these cars should pay attention to their strength. Dacia is often compared with workhorses that are well proven in field trials and on the road or in the field. In addition, these machines are distinguished Spartan interior, it was possible to collect at least at home. This means that the repair Dacia was extremely simple, and many of the details of various models are fully consistent with each other. In Romania, this car was in high demand.

Had Dacia own production and in Hungary, where the cars were going in small batches. Export cars were more reliable domestic and, in addition, more comfortable. Overseas company cars were supplied under the brand Denem.

Meanwhile, the relationship with Renault Group gradually broke and Romanian experts have collected your first car - Dacia Nova, released in 1996. The body was changed to a more sporty with smooth curves. In addition, in 1999, the company again became part of the Renault Group and received some improvements to their cars. In particular, there was a model of Supernova. The production was produced in 2000 year, and after another 3 years have seen the light car Dacia Solenza. Although the changes between the two models were only minor, both of which were well received by the residents of Romania.

But the real hit of the company was Logan, who has received critical acclaim and was one of the most successful cars in the history of the Romanian automotive industry.

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