History of De Tomaso

Italian car company "De Tomaso" of Modena was founded by the renowned Argentine racing driver Alejandro De Tomaso in 1959. In the same year, the world saw the car for racing series Formula-2, was built under the guidance of the founder of the brand and with the participation of the company "FIAT". The car was based on the Formula-1 from the English brand "Cooper", and the 2.4-liter engine with a capacity of 135 horsepower was developed by engineers of the company "Alfa Romeo". In addition, was presented model "Junior", built on the chassis of the FIAT and equipped with an engine 1100.

Before 1965, these cars were the only products of the company "De Tomaso", gradually losing demand from rapidly developing racing technologies. In 1965 a new technology partner of the brand, "De Tomaso" becoming American concern "Ford", interested in the growth of sales of their products on the European market.

In 1969 was presented with a new car of the brand, "De Tomaso" for racing Formula 2, but in 1970 the team, "De Tomaso-Ford will debut in Formula 1. The best the Italian team was in 10th place.

In 1971 to work in the firm "De Tomaso" comes Giancarlo of Dallar, famous engineer, with a large scandal that left the "Lamborghini". Under his leadership, a new design headquarters, which produces the model De Tomaso Mongoose, equipped with eight-cylinder engine brand Ford. In the same year was released the model Panther, built on the basis of the Mongoose, and his main opponents were the sports cars "Ferrari". Despite the success of the company, in 1972 it was announced the merger with the brand "Maserati", which led to a major restructuring. And in 1993, the combined company under the name of "Maserati" came under the control of the company "FIAT", which led to the decrease in the production of the original models, "De Tomaso".

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