History of Devon Motorworks

In 2008, the famous entrepreneur and owner of a network of official dealers of the brand "Dodge" Scott Devon was based American company "Devon Motorworks, which specializes in the production of high-speed sports cars in the original design. But in 2009, before the release of the first prototype, a young company managed to assert itself once the Corporation "Chrysler" was announced a tender for the purchase of the brand "Dodge", which was on the verge of bankruptcy after the onset of the global financial crisis, and the Chrysler did not have sufficient funds to cover debts. And yet, despite attempts by Scott Devon, the solution was found with the help of the Italian company FIAT, bought some shares of Chrysler and allowed to save the brand of "Dodge" from the sale.

In 2009, the company "Devon Motorworks" released its first car, called Devon GTX, based on the Dodge Viper. Under the hood of the car located a 8.4-liter engine with a capacity of 640 horsepower, modified by the engineers of the brand "Devon". The model has received a lot of positive reviews and several awards, but never went into large scale production because of the high cost. From 2010 to 2011 was released just 25 copies GTX, then, announced the start of work on the new car, which will be a real breakthrough, and the basis for it will be a new generation Dodge Viper 2013.

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