History of Dodge

In 1900 he founded the American car company "Dodge". At the helm of one of the oldest brands of the United States of America were two brothers, John and Horace Dodge. After the success in the production of bicycles and accessories for them, together with several investors from Detroit, the brothers enlisted the support of Henry Ford, who signed with the company "Dodge" in 1899, the contract for the production of components and spare parts for cars manufactured by Ford. Before the First World War in the factories of the Dodge brothers produced 90% of all components for concern Henry Ford, and then, in 1914, the relationship between them deteriorated. Thus, on the background of the intensifying war, brothers Dodge on behalf of the government of the United States of America began to produce cheap cars, and Henry Ford received significant investment to expand its production.

Government intervention has benefited from a small firm that has been able to start production of its first car in just 3 months - was presented to the first car, the Dodge Brothers Model 30. And in 1915 was presented the second model Dodge 30-35 with a lightweight closed body and a power unit with a capacity of 30 horsepower. In the same year, on its basis was presented to a sports Touring model 35, equipped with a shorter wheelbase and engine capacity of 35 horsepower. In addition, at the end of 1915 the company of the Dodge brothers received a large order for a party car upgraded Model 30-35 for use in the Mexican conflict. In 1916, the company Dodge has the second highest number of cars sold by the manufacturer, behind only concern Ford. In 1917, the company received a huge profit from sales and work for the government, launched the production of trucks and vans, single-handedly giving the government the necessary vehicles. By 1920 car sales Dodge amounted to more than 141 thousand copies.

In 1990 starts selling sports coupe with front and all-wheel drive Dodge Stealth, developed and sold the rest of the world, except the United States of America as Mitsubishi 3000. For the American version of the engineers of the brand "Dodge" were developed two power units - six-cylinder engine capacity of 162 horsepower and a six-cylinder engine with two turbines with a capacity of 300 horsepower. In 1992, the start of sales of the revolutionary coupe Dodge Viper with distilling.com 8-litre power unit with a capacity of 400 horsepower. And in 1993 released the mid-sized sedan Interpret equipped with a 3.3 and 3.5 liter engines from 163 to 218 horsepower.

Gradually, however, the company sink deeper and deeper into debt, because the design is very expensive and not immediately profitable. This situation brand "Dodge" strikes at the welfare of all concern, which leads to the unification with the German Daimler international automaker Daimler-Chrysler. By 2001, the company updates its model lineup, introducing models such as ultra-compact Dodge Breeze and the new generation model Interpret. In 2004, facing the first crossovers companies that change in the model range of the brand models such as Neon and Interpret 2nd generation. However, car sales Dodge continue to fall in 2007, Daimler-Chrysler splits into two independent companies. Against the backdrop of the beginning of the global economic crisis concern Chrysler enters into a contract with a Japanese company Mitsubishi, using the platform of the brand to create their cars. In 2008, the company again is completely revamping its lineup, choosing to focus on the production of sports cars and all-wheel-drive crossovers and SUVs that is gaining popularity all over the world. But in 2009, the group "Chrysler announces technical bankruptcy, which leads to the stop of plants "Dodge". As a result, a controlling stake in Chrysler to buy the governments of Canada and the United States of America, gradually selling small stakes in the Italian concern FIAT. In 2011, FIAT acquires a controlling stake in Chrysler and begins a complete restructuring of the group and its divisions. The result of the update was the separation from the company Dodge two grades of "RAM" and "SRT", which start producing pickups and sports cars, respectively.

In 2011, comes a new generation of full-size crossover Dodge Jorney received power units brand FIAT" with a capacity of up to 360 horsepower. In addition, in 2012 the company FIAT has announced that it will start the upgrade of all production facilities of the company "Dodge", which will start the production crossover premium Maserati Kubang, and in 2013 the entire current lineup of the brand "Dodge" begin to produce the company's plants in Mexico and Canada. In 2013 the company "Dodge" revives the model Dart, which is now available in sedan compact sedan, equipped with gas engines Chrysler. In the same year opened 3 of the company's factory in China, which is one of the key markets for hire. By lowering the cost of production of cars "Dodge", the company begins to get the first profit after the 2008 crisis, which leads to the acquisition by the company of the Chinese division of the brand Alfa Romeo and release a separate lineup for the automotive market in Asia.

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