History of Dongfeng

In 1969 he founded the Chinese company DongFeng", which became not only one of the first automakers in China, but also a real strategic partner of the government. In 1969, after the rupture of relations with the government of China with the Western countries and the expansion of the influence of the Soviet Union on the political and economic life of the country, the firm "Dongfeng" overnight became one of the main pillars of China's industry. The leadership of the socialist countries did not spare the funds for the development of the enterprise for two years there were three factory complex, which began production of components for automobiles, military equipment, power units and consumables for them. Until 1978 the company "Dongfeng" did not produce civil engineering, but the change of leadership was marked by a change of the course of development of the company.

So in 1980 he started the production of freight cars "Dongfeng" based on research "Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant", which has delegated more than 100 employees for the development of the engineering Department of the Chinese companies and the training of local experts to start working independent design Bureau "Dongfeng".

By 1992, the company took the first place in the production of trucks and parts for various Japanese brands in China, going as among the largest companies in the country. In the same year was awarded the first major contract of the post-Soviet period, when the leadership of the French group "Peugeot-Citroen has invested heavily in cooperation with the firm "Dongfeng" production. However, by 1993, the company entered into such contracts with the Japanese brands Honda, Mitsubishi and Nissan, becoming the largest contractor for the production of cars in Asia.

In 1994, the company holds 60% of the total automotive market in China, producing under their own brands, not only trucks, but cars built on the basis of models such as the Mitsubishi Colt, Honda zivic and Nissan Sunny. In addition, since 1995 the company's plants "DongFeng" starts production of special equipment, which is extensively used in China and Thailand. In the current model range of the company includes fire engines and ambulances, cranes and forklifts. In 2001, bought a number of patents of the American company "Cummins" on plants "Dongfeng" begins production of a new generation of power units with 4 and 6 cylinders for hire "Peugeot and Citroen, and eight-cylinder engines for buses.

In 2003 the concern Dongfeng" opens up a joint venture with Korean company KIA", starting production of the entire current lineup of the brand for the automotive markets of China, Russia and India. In addition, in the same year will start the construction of two plants of Chinese companies in Chile and Argentina, where the license begins in 2004, the production of trucks and commercial vehicles Daihatsu and Hyundai. By 2005, the number of plants of concern "Dongfeng" around the world reaches 42 of the enterprise. In the same year, construction begins on the new collaboration with French brand Renault plant, where in 2008, will start production models Renault Logan, Sandero for China market.

In 2006 the company "Dongfeng" for the first time participates in the development of the own vehicle on the basis of technological solutions brand "Nissan", presented in the 2007 model Dongfeng rich, four-door pickup truck, equipped with a gasoline power unit with the capacity of 110 horsepower. The car is built on the base model Nissan Navara. In 2008, to replace gasoline engines manufactured under license from the Japanese brand, come diesel engines own production. In the same year, the company "Dongfeng" produces its own version of a minivan Mitsubishi space gir, releasing not only special equipment for the domestic automobile market of China, but also has its own power units, with a capacity of 80 and 120 horsepower.

In 2009, the company "Dongfeng" during the world economic crisis buys the Renault 10% of the shares of the company "Volvo Trucks", combining, thus, its design Bureau with the engineering staff of the Swedish brand. And in 2010 opened the first factory for the production of trucks "Volvo" under the brand "Dongfeng" in China. By 2013 the company "DongFeng", with the assistance of the Chinese government bought a controlling stake in the brand "Volvo trucks, completely transferring all production of the Swedish company on the territory of China.

In 2011, the company officially included in the list of the world's largest companies, due to the rapid growth of car sales Honda Chinese Assembly on the territory of the United States of America.

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