History of Eagle

The company "Eagle" was founded in 1979, a division of American motors Corporation for the production of the same model, which was a hybrid of an ordinary sedan and frame SUV. The first models were built on the base frame and positioned himself as a test ground for new types of vehicles (which in later years became a segment of crossovers).

By 1987 was presented several models, such as Eagle Wagon and Needles Convertible, which was a universal terrain. The car was equipped with a three - and five-door body styles, the engine was located either four-cylinder or six-cylinder petrol engine, with a capacity of 88 or 116 horsepower. One of the innovations of the model, in addition to an unusual platform, were three-hydromechanical transmission with permanent four-wheel drive.

However, in the same year, the company, after the bankruptcy of company "AMC" came under the control of the auto giant Chrysler, which combined the "Eagle" with one of his unit - the "Jeep". So the world saw cars "Jeep" in a new way. First of all, special attention was paid to comfort models Cherokee. In parallel with this, the company has significantly upgraded off-road model for the U.S. army, which came onto the market under the name Wrangler. In 1989 between the Corporation "Chrysler" and the Japanese trademark "Mitsubishi" was signed a strategic agreement, which meant the translation of "Eagle" on the issue of sedans with full and front drive. The model was named the Summit and vision, under the hoods were located 3.3 and a 3.5 liter engine, with a capacity of 163 and 218 horsepower.

Despite good sales, the company ceased to exist as a developer hire in 1999, Chrysler switched his unit on the Assembly joint models with Mitsubishi and Renault.

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