History of East Neuk

"East Neuk" - a small Studio on the modernization of commercial vehicles from Scotland. The brand founded in 1985, the father and the son, who has long worked in well-known car companies such as rolls-Royce and Volvo.

The first model of the company was not distinguished by originality and was a revised vans Volkswagen and Ford, some of which were especially popular in the UK where American concern produced all commercial vehicles for the European market. The "East Neuk" were able to collect a large community of enthusiasts travel by car, constantly improving their skills. By 1998, mark took orders for the modernization of not only cars Volkswagen and Ford, and Peugeot, Citroen, Renault and Toyota, gradually developing their own solutions, which later became very popular among buyers.

The first seriously modernized model became Citroen jumper, which the company bought for personal purposes and modernized to suit your needs, building up the engine to 300 horsepower, increasing the cabin space due to the retractable roof and essentially remade the vehicle. For example, were established small beds, a dedicated area for cooking, and also has 6 multimedia displays. In 2001, the car East Neuk won its first award, and the company was forced to hire a team of 5 people to be able to meet the increased demand.

By 2009 model range of the company was extended by another seven models, and to order the upgrade now it was not only commercial vehicles, and trailers, caravans or full-size bus. The only limitation was the duration from 6 to 16 weeks, depending on customer requirements.

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