History of Edsel

Ten-year history of the company "Edsel" began in 1950, when the company "Ford" has established a subsidiary company for the production of prestigious cars. As is well known to historians, the company received its name in honor of the son of Henry Ford, what was going to add solidity start-up company.

Plans were truly ambitious - to create a broad target audience, using only the name of one of the largest automotive companies in the United States. However, the work on the creation of the first car lasted for 7 long years, during which the competitors has released its response to the company "Ford", before he was presented the first car Edsel.

In 1957 were represented by just four models Edsel, which actually did not differ from the standard Ford, except for the design of the grille and bright exterior colors. Thanks to successful marketing move for 1957-1958 years has sold 10 thousand copies Edsel Citation, Corsair, Pacer and Ranger, however the advertising of the brand it was negligible. In the low popularity of the models there were several factors. On the one hand the new company could not provide a decent quality of its vehicles, which was famous for the luxury car brand of "Mercury" (another division of Ford), as well as qualified technical support.

In addition, gradually, the demand for cars Edsel began to fall from the beginning of the economic crisis, when the buyer chose either very expensive car, or very cheap. In 1960, mark "Edsel" was closed.

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