History of Erf

In 1933, was founded one of the largest British companies on the production of trucks, which was called "ERF". The first truck model were identical to those of the other major manufacturer of trucks "Foden". Many believed that it was a clever trick to get around the high taxes on excess profits. However, actually, the whole thing was the son of the founder of the "Foden" by the name of Edwin drafted a light-duty truck with a diesel engine, which would have brought the company out of the crisis, but his project was perceived unsuccessful and he left the company in 1929. At that time, as the new leadership saw the potential of the project, had begun production of this model, and Edwin had no choice but to continue to fight for their idea. Hence was derived the name of the company "ERF" - Edwin Richard Foden.

The first model of the company has been very successful and have started development of a new generation of trucks, which have largely been successful due to the fact that in 1939 started World War II, and "ERF" became the official supplier of equipment to the British army. Thus, there were real field testing of old and new technology that allowed Edwin, 1947 to present a lineup of trucks company "ERF", which were intended not only for the armed forces, but also for civilian use.

Since then, the brand "ERF" is the largest manufacturer of trucks in the UK, releasing updated models every 5-7 years. However, the main source of income remains the army, which provides the company field for creativity, in parallel, buying 50% of its products - 2.3 million trucks annually.

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