History of Euclid

In 1933, founded the American company "Euclid", specializing in the production of machinery and heavy trucks for industrial use. In the first years of its existence, the company was engaged in the creation of road-building machinery, succeeding in this business so that he has received several grants from the U.S. government to create more advanced equipment for the army.

The world's first twenty-ton truck-uglies was presented by the company "Euclid" in 1935, have been widely used in the coal mining industry worldwide. And a year later was presented Euclid FD, which has received advanced diesel power unit, rated at 40 horsepower and was capable of receiving 15 tons of cargo at a time.

By 1939, the company's plants are switching to the production of light four-wheel drive trucks for the army. During the Second World War, the company was able to receive such a high profit, which in 1946 was able to open a second plant to produce a new generation of trucks, as well as the first on the territory of the United States of America towing tractors.

In 1953 the company "Euclid" became part of the group of companies "General motors", with complete freedom in creating new models based on its own technology and technical capacity "GM". In 1958 was presented to the legendary combination of a Western, weighing 120 tons, equipped with two diesel engines General motors, with a capacity of 374 horsepower each. However, due to the commercial success of "Euclid" on the special equipment market, US government, General motors was forced to transfer the rights to the company in 1968 the concern "white". After 9 years of "Euclid" was sold to Daimler, and he in turn passed it at the disposal of the Volvo. In 1996, the company came under the control of the Japanese "Hitachi" and for many years was the largest manufacturer of trucks in the world.

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