History of Facel Vega

"Facel Vega" is a French car manufacturer, started its activity in the industry in 1954. Before that the company was developing bodies for hire "Ford", "Panar" and "Simca", but its founder Jean Daninos wanted to create his own brand of cars. Thanks to the experience, the car Facel Vega was very beautiful in appearance, and knowledge of the quality of other machines, with whom the company has worked with over the years, helped to make the right choice in favor of engines for Chrysler. Unlike the French, they were very reliable and could provide more power.

Model of excellence had a 4 door sedan, doors which opened from each other and had no middle rack. Because of this, the car was very comfortable to sit, but this factor did the design of extremely fragile. On rough roads the body soon was bent, and the doors began to close tightly, forming cracks. However, for a reliable motor, the French have suffered similar deficiencies.

In 1959 the company "Facel Vega" released a completely French car, without imported components. This decision was caused by the fact that the head of the company are tired of listening to the reproaches of the inability of the company to have its own production of motors or even domestic use. However, the engines Pont-a-Muson" were not as reliable as the former American, and the company was soon covered by the claims. Machines often broke down in the first days after the sale, what was the cause of the decline of confidence in the product "Facel Vega". Provisions could not save no change of supplier of engines, first on the "Volvo" and then on "Austin-Healey", company cars bought are extremely reluctant. In 1964 the firm "Facel Vega" was closed.

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