History of Ford

At the beginning of the 21st century world-famous Ford motor company celebrated its centenary. The firm is among the largest automakers in the world, often setting the tone for all industries.

It all started with the passion of a young Henry Ford technology. From an early age, he enthusiastically tinkered with a variety of mechanisms that fall into his hands, and soon began to understand them so well that neighbors often came to a very young boy with requests to fix, for example, a clock. In 16 years, having only 8 years of schooling, he went from a parent farm in Detroit. His first real work is repair of steam engines, as well as their installation. Having dealt with their device, he switched to the study of internal combustion engines, and in 1893 was able to do my first engine with one cylinder, and in 1896 his first car. After that he decided to choose this industry its path, starting to compete in the race, at the same time trying to create their own car company. Thank skillful pilot quickly came to him, but the firm he managed to open only in 1903, convincing a few rich people to Finance production. June was the beginning of a long and successful life of the company "Ford Motor". First released machine was called the Ford A.

2 years later the company was split, and out went the main investor, Alexander Malcolmson by selling its share to Ford. He really didn't like the idea of the engineer on the creation of cheap cars that will be available to everyone, and he could not understand his ideas. At that time cars were assembled by hand, and each took quite some time. However, Henry Ford found a way to repeatedly accelerate and reduce the cost of production. The first step in this direction was the unification. In 1907 the firm was released 4 different models of cars. A year later he developed a model "T" and from all the others, it was decided to refuse. Ford realized that on the same chassis, you can install almost any body, facilitating the task of production, as workers now has always had to deal with familiar structures. And in 1913 factories "Ford" was introduced conveyor Assembly, which became a revolution not only in the automotive industry but in all industries. The whole process of production of the car was broken into pieces, and each employee was only a small part of the works, which soon were worked up to the ideal. In addition to improving product quality, it has also reduced the cost of hire, and in 1924 the price of the cheapest car did not exceed three months earnings ordinary worker. In 1932, Ford was producing a third of the world total vehicles annually. However, after that other automakers began one after another to learn from the experience of the company, introducing the conveyors, and by 1940 she had only 20% of the U.S. market. However, the end car buyers would only benefit from it.

Ford F first came off the production line in 1948. This pickup has become one of the best-selling car brand, despite the fact that most of them are produced for the domestic US market and not so popular around the world. The number of annually sold Ford F 700 thousand.

Ford Mustang is one of the world famous models of the manufacturer. Machine with a brutal profile and powerful motor has become a symbol of muscl cars, and only in 1979, the company has blundered, released under this title modest and economical modification, equipped 86-horsepower engine. It was a time of world oil crisis, when the dressings were queues of cars with empty tanks, but fans of "Mustangs" not forgive firm such humiliation, and permanently turned away from them, contemptuously Pimenova new "pony car". Realizing his mistake, Ford made a new version of the model, returning to the former concept, and Mustang continues to be produced today, counting its history since 1964.

Model a Ford GT40 came shortly after the company's attempts to outbid Ferrari, ended in failure. Then, the management of the company decided to develop its own line of sports cars, and in 1966, this machine took all the podium at the 24-hour endurance race, held annually in Le Mans. After such significant achievements, Ford presented a road modification - GT40 Mk III. It was a powerful 4.7-liter V8 engine, developing 310 horsepower. However, despite the success of the car, new modifications were not produced until 2003. The revived Ford GT has already received a 5.4-liter engine, claiming at least 100 "horses" on every liter of volume, and ragonesi the car to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds with a maximum level speed of 346 km/H.

Ford Escort notable for the fact that this machine was designed for the European market and European specialists. Sales started in 1968, and a compact, economical model relished by consumers. In 2012 the number of sold "Escorts" exceeded 20 million, making it one of the most popular cars in history.

In 1998, the company released the Ford Focus. Cars of this model today sold a million annually, persistently bringing it closer to the record set by its predecessor, the Ford Escort.

Besides the same brand, Ford also produces cars Lincoln. This brand was bought in 1922, and since then under it produced cars premium. Also, one time the company produced cars Mercury, intermediate between the former democratic "Fords" and exclusive "Lincolns". But in 2011, their release was minimized.

For some time the company owned and other brands, among which were "Aston Martin", "Volvo", "Jaguar" and some others. However, manual Ford decided not to pursue their development and one by one they were sold.

In 2002, began production of the Ford C-Max, based on Focus. The new product was positioned as a practical, reliable and versatile vehicle. In the same year, the premiere model of Ford Fusion. The car was designed for use in urban environments.

In 2003 saw the light of Ford Tourneo Connect. Despite its modest appearance, the car has a high performance, capacity and stability on the road.

In 2006 there was a Ford S-MAX in the new Ford Galaxy.

In 2008 the company began production of the model a Ford Kuga. This car with a dynamic exterior and the same technical characteristics became a bestseller.

In 2012, Ford introduced a new concept of car production. The company plans to make vehicles produced in different parts of the world, of the same design. Model names can differ - for example, the European Mondeo in the US is sold as a Fusion, but their appearance is identical. To vary will only install the engine and suspension settings, as in America and Europe, consumers ' preferences differ. However, the motors are all as one, will belong to the family of EcoBoost, which has high power with minimum volume. Also, all models will be equipped with modern developments engineers in the field of security.

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