History of Foton

Chinese truck manufacturer company "Foton" was founded in 1996 as a small concern for production and development of cars of different directions. However, in 1997, of concern in a separate unit is allocated the same name brand "Foton", which specializes in the production of trucks and special vehicles for the domestic market of the country.

The first models were copies of famous while in the automotive market Asia Japanese and Korean trucks, which was originally planned to be produced under license in the factories "Foton". However, a simple and cheap models with economical power units with a capacity of 50 to 90 horsepower become sales leaders in its segment, bringing the company a good income, which, coupled with subsidies from the state Treasury is invested in the creation of the engineering division.

In 2003 he was presented the first model of truck Photon, which has fully developed the company's engineers. The model has a diesel engine of its own design, which was developed power of 110 horsepower, and the car had a lot of modifications, becoming the common platform for the release of the vans, fire engines and ambulances, and heavy trucks for the oil industry.

3 years later, the company bought a stake in Japanese "Daihatsu", becoming the second after Toyota, its largest shareholder and expands in China-production models of the Japanese manufacturer under its own brand. In addition, Toyota acquires 5% stake in "Foton", and the managers of the company carry out large-scale restructuring of the top management that contributes to a more rapid decision making. So, by 2010 there were more than 15 new models by the company, and the profit has increased tenfold.

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