History of Freightliner

The American company for the production of trucks and tractors "Freightliner" was founded in 1929 a young driver by the name of James Lilanda. Originally, he planned to create a small-scale truck with cab, above the power unit, for the needs of the company in which he previously worked.

However, the first model has been widely spread in the market of the United States of America, making a serious competition to the established giants of the segment of commercial vehicles. Since 1930 engineers "Freightliner" begin to develop new types of pendants for future models of the company. In 1932-1935 year out the trailers and the first refrigerators, which are aimed at preserving the cold inside the body for a longer period of time.

In 1939 the company goes to the Assembly of trucks under license from American the bows" for the U.S. army, returning to trucks only in 1948. However, the following years were marked by the struggle for existence of the firm "Freightliner" on the market tractors. All new models brought only losses, but, thanks to the success of refrigerators in the world markets, the company was able to keep the balance and get a small profit. However, by 1980 the situation was so disastrous that the company has already started the process of bankruptcy, however, in 1981 the brand completely redeems the Daimler, who had suffered several setbacks in the U.S. market tractors. Engineers "Freightliner" received adequate funding, and access to all necessary resources "Daimler". From 1982 to 1993 were presented to 16 models Frightliner all classes and modifications of trucks, and the company was able to take a leading position in sales of trucks in the U.S. and Canada. By 2009, has been completely updated the entire line of tractors and trucks of the company, which led to increased market share to 81%.

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