History of General Motors

In 1908, William Durant, the owner of the company "Buick", founded the brand "General motors", which combines "Biuk and Oldsmobile". Thus was laid the Foundation of a Chapter in the history of the automotive industry not only in the United States, but worldwide.

By 1910, sold more than 12 thousand copies hire company "General motors". However, unlike other manufacturers who were trying to invest all profits into the development, Mr. Durant was his approach, which is embodied in the inclusion of "General motors" more than 30 small car brands for 10 years. By 1927, the company consistently ranks among the three largest automobile companies in the USA, and even the Great Depression, which began in 1928, not hit on the welfare of the group, which began to form in those years, new jobs, in order to help the government to cope with the crisis.

In 1933, began full-scale cooperation "General motors" with the government. Part of the concern of the brand has released a variety of products from light trucks for the army and heavy weapons to luxury cars for the whole of the ruling elite.

However, the new management of the company has outlined a large-scale offensive on the European market, going down the same path that had always chosen the founder of the company is to buy smaller firms. For instance, General motors entered in 1929, "Opel", then it was the turn of "Holden", and after the war joined the Japanese "Isuzu", "Suzuki" and "Subaru".

By 1978, the company includes more than 50 subsidiaries, which are engaged in the creation of models for civil and military purposes. Since then, the "General motors" is enshrined in the title of the largest automaker in the United States of America and the rest of the planet. Next is buying South Korean brand "DEU", which is part of the "GM" as a manufacturer of cars budget segment.

However, the prosperity of the company over the fact that the economic crisis of 2008 has put her on the brink of bankruptcy, which began in early 2009. Anti-crisis measures of the governments of the U.S. and Canada helped to keep the company afloat and to pay all debts in exchange for shares that are brought into the Treasury two American countries in 2011, us $ 23 billion.

A new direction, which consists in the improvement of existing models for the needs of budget segment, led to the fact that General motors has ceased to be a concern, becoming a conglomerate, where each division operates independently from each other.

In 2012, the company's situation has somewhat improved, and she began to make a profit, but shareholders have put the management of the condition which have assumed the sale of several brands. The first of them almost became "Opel" (which includes British "Vauxhall" and the Australian "Holden), which was planned to sell one of the largest shareholders of GM canadian company Magna, assemble-to-35% of all cars on the planet.

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