History of Gordini

The French company "Gordini" in 1936, founded in 1936, a native of Italy, Amadeus Gordini. Arriving in France in the 20s, he got a job in a workshop engaged in the upgrade of the usual Fiat to sports cars. Very soon he mastered it to perfection, having among his colleagues nicknamed "the magician".

Accumulating means for opening the case, he registered a company in which became involved in the processing of SIMCA cars for racing. Until 1939 his works were regularly won at the most prestigious competitions, bringing the master's glory, but, like many others at this time, the business Gordini was badly damaged during the war. After the Second World war, he continued designing the car, putting a lot of effort to bring them to perfection, although the company was constantly in poverty and struggle to find clients. Most of the cars were collected them in a single copy and is unique creations by masters of their craft.

Racing Le Mans 1953 machine design Amadeus Gordini finished on the 6th place. A year later, the same car won the race at the Tour de France.

The next model company "Gordini", released in 1955, had a 3-liter engine with 8 cylinders, but was not very successful, unlike its predecessor, featuring a 2.5-liter engine. This led to the fact that in 1957 the company was closed, and Amadeus has gone to work in the "Renault".

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