History of Gutbrod

In 1929 the young engineer Josef Ganz signs an agreement with several motorcycle German companies on the creation of a people's car, which would have been available to any working man in Germany and Austria. A year later Ganz provides the first prototypes is one on the capacity of the firm "ArDy", the other made in the firm "Adler". Easy to operate the vehicle has had a tubular chassis and independent suspension for each wheel, which allowed us to obtain a reliable model for travel on any type of roads. However, after the change of leadership of the company "Adler", the changing rate of the company, therefore, the people's car project urgently close and Ganz, together with his child, point to the door.

In the next two years, Joseph has worked as a consultant Mercedes-Benz and BMW, helping them to create a legendary race cars to participate in the international racing competitions. In 1932, the people's car project buys entrepreneur by the name of Gutbrod, which gives the project its name and with Ganz finalizing the design of the machine, making her body closed. Engine boost up to 12 horsepower and partners begin a massive test of their vehicle. In 1935 Standard model demonstrated at the international exhibition in Geneva, attended by Hitler, then he lights up with the idea of creating a people's car and looses her Ganz and Gulbarga, putting the project Manager Ferdinand Porsche. Thus began the history of the brand Volkswagen.

However, Ganz and Gutbrod not give up and on the basis of the Standard issue light trucks, which are produced in Germany until 1944. After the Second World war Gutbrod restores your plant continues to release light trucks up to his death, and Josef Ganz goes to Switzerland, where he founded his own brand, which could not succeed.

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