History of Hennessey

In 1991 he founded one of the most creative and unusual car companies of the United States of America, which received its name in honor of its founder, John Hennessey. A driver by profession, John has long participated in various sports competitions USA, becoming a true professional in his field, in parallel, opening several workshops on repair and maintenance of race cars.

However, by 1991, Hennessy decided on a move that changed his life forever to let your own car. However, the release was limited to only serious revision sport coupe Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda and Nissan, which was equipped with turbo engines.

But after his company received an order from one of the first owners of the car Dodge Viper, John long said goodbye to the Japanese brands. The company "Hennessy" conducted a major modernization of the Viper, in addition to another 100 horsepower engine power, which is now 500. So, until 1996, the firm of John Hennessy deals exclusively with modification car group Chrysler, becoming one of the world's first professional tuning workshop.

In 2005, the company received a new order, which called for serious work on the second generation of the Ford GT, and the right to become the official tuning house Ford," John Hennessy did not miss. But since 2007, after the company failed to conduct a serious restructuring and improving their technical capabilities, the company "Hennessey" began to take orders for the modernization of all production cars the Big Three Detroit - Chrysler, General motors and Ford.

One of the latest creations of John Hennessy was in 2011 Nissan GT-R, over which the company "Hennessey" was adopted as a technology partner of the Japanese company.

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