History of Huanghai

Chinese brand "Huanghai was founded major concern "SG", in collaboration with the brands of "Cheri" and "Haifa", for the production of passenger cars under a new brand for export supply in Latin America and Central Asia. In addition, it was based unit "Huanghai Bus to supply a budget passenger buses in the automotive market throughout the Asian region.

In 2006 he was presented model Huanghai Fast NCV, which was the mid-sized crossover that looks like the same model from the company "Hyundai". The result was a long trial, but the Chinese government has sided with the "Huanghai and penalties followed.

In 2008 he was presented a whole range of cars the yellow river for the automotive market in Eastern Europe, establishing the actual production model range in Ukraine. In addition, the automobile market of Thailand, presented the pickups yellow river, which are so well known under the brand name "Haifa" on the automobile market of China and Europe.

In 2009, it was concluded cooperation with the Japanese company Mitsubishi, which provided Chinese brand technology for the production of diesel power units of the new type, providing efficient operation even when using poor quality fuel. In 2011, we formed a joint venture with the brand name "General motors", which started to produce cars "Opel" for the Chinese automotive market.

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