Hummer H1 Gallery

When the company AM General has released a Hummer, which was not intended for use by civilians, he nevertheless gained immense popularity among ordinary citizens. As you know, Americans prefer big cars. So, the company in 1992 transformed the car for civilian purposes, and he received the name Hummer. The first car called Hummer H1 was in truth a huge and powerful, he had a wide base wheels. 100 kilometers the car has spent a considerable amount of fuel. As is known to promote any product it is necessary to actively promote. But this car in advertising is almost not needed. All its power and performance only shows one video with "operation desert Storm".

The car came with a different engine is a 5.7 liter gasoline V-shaped 8-cylinder engine, the 6.6 liter diesel, which was presented for the car in 2006. Many elements of the Hummer H1 has taken from its prototype - the car under. So, the car went from a military SUV elements such as the frame body, the braking system, axis. When the production of the Hummer H1, the developers have tried to make him a real SUV, not afraid of any road conditions. They could even sacrifice comfort for passengers. In fact, the developers did - the car was one of the most powerful and efficient SUVs in its class, but the comfort level was pretty simple. The Hummer H1, the company produced until 2006.

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