History of Hyundai

In 1967 he founded the South Korean car company Hyundai, which first years of its existence, has produced three cars and one truck model American brand Ford licensed. However, after successful entry into the car market when the country needed a cheap and reliable cars, the company "Hyundai" has started to create its own model of the car, which was introduced in 1974.

Due to the advantageous contracts with the Japanese company Mitsubishi to supply motors and the Italian design Studio "Italdesign", which was responsible for the look of the car, the first model, called the Pony turned out to be quite inexpensive. Thus, in 1975 the delivery of the car, which was conceived as a product for the domestic automobile market of Korea, began in Africa, South America and Middle East.

By 1985, the company "Hyundai" is the largest seller of cars in South Korea, ahead of sales of such brands as Ford and Mitsubishi, which led to the start of sales of the cheap Korean cars in Canada. And in 1986, the company entered the automotive market in the United States of America, the effects of the fuel crisis is still being felt and economical cars are still very popular.

In 1988 the company "Hyundai" produces mid-sized sedan class D, which was called Sonata. In addition, the car was the first model of the Korean company, which had a whole range of engines, developed in conjunction with Mitsubishi, with a volume of 1.8 to 3 liters in capacity 70-107 horsepower. After two years, was presented a compact sedan Elantra, which was created for the U.S. market.

In 1991 were presented first motors brand "Hyundai", which was independently developed by the engineers of the company, rejecting the use of jointly with Mitsubishi technology. At the same time launched two new models - the first one is the Accent, subcompact sedan or hatchback class C, which was equipped with 1.3 and 1.5-litre engines, with a capacity of 60 and 99 horsepower. The main difference between the models was the presence of a basic configuration of the air conditioner that was a real revolution in the classroom budget cars, as well as the possibility to request the automatic gear box. The second model was the Hyundai Galloper, which was a Mitsubishi Pajero first generation, and did not differ from the Japanese twins.

1998 was a real Foundation for even greater success of the company, after it was announced merger with another Korean car brand KIA", which led to the development of several new models. So in 1999 was presented by Hyundai Target, who became the first minivan now the largest South Korean group Hyundai-KIA. In addition, a similar pattern appeared in a number of cars "KIA". In the same year, was signed strategic cooperation agreement with Daimler Chrysler, led the brand "Hyundai" to release his new SUV Santa Fe, which was oriented on sale in North America and Europe.

In 2002 he was presented hatchback Hyundai Getz, class a, which has earned huge popularity in the automotive markets of developing countries, existed until 2012.

the 21st century saw the beginning of mass production of a whole range of budget cars of different classes were presented compact and mid-size crossovers Tucson and Santa Fe 2, on sale new generation of Accent and Elantra. And in 2011, was presented the most popular car in Europe, which has received the name of Hyundai Solaris, which became so popular during the first year of sales, that was urgently presents its exact copy from "KIA", which was called RIO.

In 2012 the company began mass automotive market in China, preparing 6 new models that took all of the most popular segments. In addition, the company continues to manufacture buses for the international market and firmly holds the leading position in the automotive market in South Korea and Central Asia.

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