History of Ifa

The vast majority of enterprises brand "Auto-Union" at the end of the Second world war began to appear in the Soviet zone. Piles and piles of broken bricks and garbage piled Zwickau, where before 1940 were produced cars DKW and Audi. Production resumed, when no one in it no longer believed in 1948. ELISA replaced DKW and Audi.

My 1st model IFA F9 introduced to Leipcigskoi fair. It differed from the first postwar and prewar DKW. The F9 had a 3-cylinder power unit, which in 1939 was developed by the company "Auto-Union". These motors on machines DQC, which until 1953 was made in the West, did not appear.

The working volume of the two-stroke engine is 900 cubic centimeters, power was equal to 28 horse power at 3600 rpm However, for the average buyer model was too expensive - it cost as much as 13 200 Eastern brands.

The cost model F8 was 8415 brands. It was an exact copy of the pre-war DKW and affordability for the average buyer also did not differ. However, in the Western market data models were the cheapest.

The first exhibits of model F9 collected on the former company "Audi". However, in 1953 the transfer took place in Eisenach, former production facilities of BMW. A large part of the body of the IFA F8 was made of plywood, however, this material, as is known, the reliability is no different. That is why during production F9 and it was abandoned.

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