History of Iran Khodro

In 1962 he founded the first Iranian car company "Iran Khodro". The firm specialized in the production of licensed cars "Peugeot". First own model, Paykan, was developed based on the Peugeot 504, and became one of the most common cars on the territory of Iran and Iraq.

Since 1990 the company "Iran Khodro" goes on release models Peugeot 405, which was positioned as a replacement for the outdated Paykan. However, the demand was not so great, and in 1995 he was presented a model based on Peugeot 205, which was positioned as the cheapest new car in the middle East. It is therefore not surprising that by 1999, the company "Iran Khodro" became the largest car manufacturer in its region, providing an annual production of one million copies, half of which was accounted for Peugeot 205.

In 2000 starts test production model Samand own development, which is a seriously upgraded 405 model. After a year of mass production goes Peugeot 206, which are produced under license three plant Khodro".

The company also completely revamping the lineup of trucks and pickups, as well as launches the first Iranian buses, who buy all state agencies, including the army. In addition, pass the tests the first heavy-duty trucks and special machinery for industrial construction. And in 2002 in the series is Iran Khodro Samand, the engine of which is located the engine of the German company Bosch.

By 2003, established cooperation with a number of brands such as Mercedes-Benz", "Hyundai", "Reno" and "Suzuki". So, 3 years later he started producing under license vans Korean brands, which are equipped with air conditioning, and in 2006 started the production of vans Mercedes-Benz. In 2007, the world saw the first Iranian SUV, built on the basis of the Suzuki Grand Vitara.

The next model was the Renault Logan, which has received a number of improvements prepared by Iranian engineers. By 2011, the group "Iran Khodro" includes not only companies assembling and producing vehicles, but two companies in the development and manufacture of diesel and petrol engines. In the same year it was officially announced that the volume of production, the national car company, Iran occupies 13th place in the world.

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