History of Iveco

Italian car company "IVECO" was formed in 1975 after the separation of the production trucks German brand "Magirus-Deutz" was placed under control of the Italian FIAT in mid-1974. So, January 1, 1975 cargo Department was merged with the company "FIAT", such as "Lance" and "unique", which had previously specialized in the production of machinery and trucks. However, instead of fully upgrade production capacity and model number of the new company, manual FIAT has decided to provide the new company with the maximum freedom. The result was the division of IVECO" multiple divisions, which included one from each company, on the basis of which was formed a new brand. The firm IVECO Magirus" continued the production of fire engines and ambulances, and the unit IVECO unique retains output power units for trucks and commercial vehicles under the brand name "Cursor".

However, already in 1978, was presented the first joint model developed on the basis of all the capacities of IVECO", which was called Daily. This car made it possible to replace in the model range of the company "FIAT" obsolete commercial trucks FIAT 238 and 241. Was originally submitted two versions of the model, the mass of 3.5 and 5 tons, but later entered the market modifications in the van and minibus. The engine IVECO Dailey was situated diesel engine capacity of 72 horsepower or gasoline engine with a capacity of 78 horsepower. In addition, in 1986, was presented a modification to the turbo engine with a capacity of 94 horsepower. Also in 1980, was presented with a collection of fire engines on the basis of the model of the "daily". In the same year is a full update full-size truck models IVECO EcoZeta.

Thanks to successful sales, which helped to cover all expenses for the modernization and upgrading of production facilities of the company and to cover the costs of systematization of plants of the brand in Italy, France and Germany, 1986 was formed quite a large investment package. Initially, the management of the concern FIAT was planning to invest in a joint venture with the car brand from the United Kingdom or the United States of America, which would expand the market for the products of the brand "IVECO". However, in 1986 the company acquired the English division of the American company "Ford" for the production of trucks and commercial vehicles, and in 1987 the company IVECO entered mark "Astra", which allowed to establish an Italian brand, the production of trucks and loaders.

In 1990, underwent an extensive modernization of the line Italian company, and was expanded engineering staff, who presented a series of multifunctional medium-duty trucks under the name EuroCargo, received a large number of different modifications. So, were represented by two and three-axle trucks with permanent four-wheel drive, trucks and lifts. The engine could be located diesel power unit with a capacity from 160 to 228 horsepower, and in 1992 went on sale versions with an automatic gearbox. In 2000, he held a light restyling model and engine range was enlarged with a heavy duty engines, with a capacity of up to 300 horsepower.

In 1991 the company "IVECO" entered the Spanish firm "Pegaso" that has enabled the production of buses and line passenger transport under the brand name "FIAT". Through this acquisition, the Italian brand began selling its products in Latin America, opened in 1993, two plants in Brazil. In the same year we opened our first venture firm IVECO in China, and expanded the production capacity of the Australian brand "ITAL" just passed under the control of "IVECO".

In 1994 he signed a strategic agreement with the Russian brand "Ural", which allowed the production of heavy machinery for work in the extreme conditions of the North. As has been manufacturing heavy trucks for the operation of oil and gas companies in Russia and China. And in 1995 in Turkey Italian company opened a new plant, which began production of mobile and Autonomous stations with diesel engines, it is very popular among utilities Turkey, Romania, Slovakia, France and Italy.

In 2000, he was completely renewed model range of the company "IVECO", and a contract was signed for the production of armored vehicles and special equipment for the armed forces of Italy. And in 2001 the company was incorporated another Spanish brand, "Irisbus". The deal was signed a strategic agreement with the French company Renault, which gave a 49.5% stake Irisbus" of the Italian company. In a few years, thanks to this acquisition, the company IVECO becomes the largest bus manufacturer in Europe, covering more than 60% of the total transport market.

Also in 2002, introduced a new model, called Stralis. Long-haul tractor was able to occupy a niche in the lineup of Italian brands, as well as expanded production of power units of new generation. So, the engine model is situated diesel engines Cursor capacity from 260 to 460 horsepower. In 2004 he was presented large-size dump truck IVECO Trakker with a diesel engine with 310 or 360 horsepower. Were also introduced new types of transmissions - 9, or 16 speed manual gearbox and a continuously variable automatic transmission with control by means of the manipulator, not the lever.

In 2007, the company IVECO concludes a cooperation agreement with the Russian company "KAMAZ", which allowed to start production of vehicles under the brand name "IVECO", intended for the armed forces of Russia. After a year at the facilities of KAMAZ started the production of components for all current models of the Italian company. In the same year, when large investments company IVECO in Egypt begins construction of the company for the licensed Assembly of trucks "KAMAZ".

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