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The word "Jeep" has today become a household name, and applies to almost all vehicles. But actually, this was originally a slang designation of hire of MB, produced by the firm "Willys-Overland" in 1941 for the U.S. army. Documentation they were labeled "General Purpose" (translated as "General purpose"), abbreviated as "GP". As it turned out, these cars could take such a huge number of niches in the military, which is more precise directions for their use to think was impossible. On the Willys MB was carrying weapons and other goods, take the injured to the infirmary and fresh forces on the battlefield, they were used as vehicles for officers, intelligence officers and signallers, laying cables, the base of the "jeep" was allowed to establish a machine gun on him, and even to transport anti-tank guns. During the Second World army of the United States acquired more than 600 thousand of these cars, which have firmly stuck to the name "Jeep".

In 1944, the company produces the first model, intended for sale. Civilian Jeep, or just CJ-1A, has become very popular among soldiers returning from war and the workaholic in need of a cheap but reliable machines. A year later appeared on the market the next model CJ-2A, having a fully metal body type estate, tailgate and windshield wipers. In subsequent years, "Willys-Overland" was first noted by Jeepster Phaeton, and then released its first all-wheel drive vehicle with a powerful engine with 6 cylinders.

In 1950 "Willys" decided to register a trademark "Jeep". However, the company's products at this time was not so popular, and in 1953 the firm buys "Kaiser", which decided to invest in expanding the range of manufactured vehicles. And yet, jeeps remain the main focus of the "Willys". In 1954 saw the light of the Jeep CJ-5, which had a more rounded shape compared to its predecessors. The demand for this model was so large that it has undergone only minor modifications from time to time, and continued to be produced until 1963, when it was replaced Wagoneer was the first car with four-wheel drive having an automatic transmission. 2 years later released the upgraded version Super Wagoneer, equipped with the new engine had a power of 250 horsepower, more than double its predecessor. Was not forgotten Jeepster - the company issued Jeepster Commando, had several options body, from Roadster to wagon.

In 1970, the "Jeep" becomes the property of company "AMC". Well-chosen slogan, presenting the cars of this brand as cars for adventure on the roads, raised their popularity to new heights. The company continued to release new models, not forgetting to equip them with the latest technical innovations that increase the permeability of the jeep. In 1974 was the start of a legendary line of Cherokee, the firstborn which had a bearing body with two doors. 2 years later the company also introduced a four-door variant. Also, in 1976, came the model CJ-7 and CJ-8, however, until the popularity of the "Indians" they were far away.

In 1983 presents the next generation of Cherokee. Cars decreased in size, becoming a more versatile and maneuverable. The cars were offered with two choices of transmissions, each of which is allowed to switch 2/4-wheel drive on the fly. 3 years later the firm was presented Jeep Wrangler, and the first pick - Comanchee.

In 1987 the group "AMC", and with it the "Jeep", bought by the Corporation "Chrysler". The new owner continued the line of development of high-quality RVS, and by 1990 the number of sold Cherokee has exceeded 1 million units. In 1991 were discontinued model Grand Wagoneer and Comanchee, and a year later the company introduced at the Detroit motor show updated line of Cherokee, which again earned universal recognition. These cars are the flagships of the world sample, was kept on the podium until 1996, when it was replaced by the Jeep Wrangler. The company has firmly cemented his position as the leader in the manufacture of off-road vehicles, offering customers a safe, comfortable and beautiful machine.

In 1998 Daimler and Chrysler merged into a global Corporation, the range which covered almost all areas of production cars. A new version of the Jeep Cherokee that was released shortly thereafter, again became leaders among SUVs in the world. She had not only high traffic, but a chic salon, as well as high comfort when traveling on a paved highway. The next generation of these cars, released 3 years later, again raised the bar of quality. In subsequent years, the firm has limited refining Jeep Cherokee, offering customers new ways SUV, equipped with pioneering achievements in the automobile industry. So, in 2005, was presented to a sports version of the Grand Cherokee, which was powered by a 4.7-liter standard engine, and optionally could get a turbocharged diesel engine with a volume of 3 liter or 5.7-liter gasoline engine, in which technology was used to disable parts of cylinders.

In 2006, the company issued a 7 seater Jeep Commander made on the basis of the Grand Cherokee. The car has received a modern transmission, Quadra Drive II, which made it possible to redirect torque using electronics on any of the wheels. Also, were presented front-wheel-drive Compass comfortable and new version of the Grand Cherokee SRT8. The last model had the HEMI engine, and was the first jeep, able to overcome the mark of 100 km/h in 5 seconds. Next year the company "Jeep" has updated the legendary Wrangler, which I received as a 3-door and 5-door variants. Also, in 2007, the parent Corporation "Chrysler" was separated from "Daimler", and after 2 years was concluded an Alliance with FIAT, which has allowed the company to survive the difficult time of the global economic crisis without losses. Since 2010, the "Jeep" shows a stable tendency of growth of sales. So, in 2012, a record was broken by the number of sold cars - more than 700 thousand pieces.

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