History of Jensen

.English car company "Jensen" was founded in 1934, two mechanics, brothers Genename. However, the history of the creation of their first car began much earlier. In the early 20-ies they converted their garage under a small workshop, where he made changes in the design of the Austin seven. As a result, the brothers went to work in a car company "Standard", where they were asked to develop a small sports car, later called Standard Nine. However, this cooperation brothers Giesenow and automaker ended, and the young engineers began work on upgrading cars "Ford" and "Maurice".

After registering your own trademark, the firm "Jensen started to work on the creation of the first own car, thanks to the technological support of the company "Ford". The model was published in 1938. Under the hood is located eight-cylinder 3.6-liter power unit with a capacity of 98 horsepower. In the same year was presented to the Jensen S-type with a more powerful engine, which was very popular on the West coast of the United States of America and France. Later as there were modifications to the eight and twelve-cylinder engines.

During the Second World War, "Jensen" engaged in the production of trucks, which allowed the brand to survive in a difficult period of its history, as well as obtain a significant profit from cooperation with the armed forces of the USA and the UK.

In 1946 was presented to a full-size luxury sedan Jensen PW motor company "Ford" will be installed on models H and S type. Thanks to this model, the management of the company "OS" proposed name "Jensen" re-engage in the production of sports cars that were highlighted serious money. However, the condition was that all future models will be marketed under the brand name "Austin". So saw the light of the Austin A-40. In 1950 replaced the Jensen PW came Interceptor model, which is one of the classic cars British engineering.

Since 1956 the company "Jensen" had another modernization of its model range, as a result, all subsequent cars mandatory was equipped with disc brakes on each wheel. However, the crisis affected the financial welfare of the company, which led to the merger with the company Norcros, and between brothers Jensen started the conflict, in which they for a long time refused to cooperate.

In 1963 was presented compact sports sedan Jensen C-V8, equipped with the 5.9 liter power unit firms Chrysler, with a capacity of 298 horsepower. And in 1965, the model got a limited-slip differential, allowed to increase the maximum speed of the vehicle from 225 to 239 miles per hour.

In 1966, under the guidance of renowned engineer Kevin Beatty was developed the second generation of Interceptor, received a two-door sedan from the company "Touring". The engine model is located 6.2 liter eight-cylinder power unit, rated at 330 horsepower. After some time, was presented to the all-wheel drive version of this model, the received prefix FF. However, the car was cool met potential buyers, not acquiring very popular because of the high price and low quality build.

In 1968 the concern "NORCROSS" sell the firm "Jensen", and a new head was appointed a well-known designer Donald Healey. So in 1972, was presented model Jensen Healey, equipped with two-liter engine rated at 140 horsepower, and 4 years later was presented to the Gran Turismo version of this model. Economic performance of the firm in a slump, which led in 1978 to the bankruptcy of the company "Jensen".

In 2010, all rights to the brand and trademark "Jensen" were purchased from the descendants of the two brothers. The new owner of the brand has become a firm "Healey sports, planned to create on the basis of the old models of Interception an entirely new model.

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