History of K 1 Engineering

In 2002 he founded the Slovak company "K-1 Engineering, specializing in the production of sports cars luxury. At the helm of the company stood dick Kvetnansky known Slovak entrepreneur interns in several American car companies. Developing the first model of the brand "K-1", Kvetnansky a long period of time collaborated with leading experts in aerodynamics from Slovakia and Serbia, as one of the key investors in the project was the multi-millionaire Zoran Stefanovich, interested in the creation and development Department for its racing team Stefan GP. In the same year he was presented the first model, called the K-1 Attack Roadster. The engine model is located three-liter straight-six power unit of the American company "Ford", with a capacity of 226 horsepower and six-speed manual gearbox from Volvo. In 2003 was presented version of the model in coupe. And in 2005 released the first update K-1 Attack. However, changes were made only of the material body to use carbon-fibre components, and engine, which was boosted to 290 horsepower. And in 2008 released the second generation model attacks Roadster, equipped with a powertrain Audi capacity of 365 horsepower and adapted to chassis Slovak road. In the same year in the automotive market of the United States of America was presented version of the K-1 attack Gran Turismo with engine capacity of 560 horsepower. Sales gradually went up, but in 2010 Kvetnansky left the company, while retaining the majority stake and management of K-1 was assigned to the Board of Directors of the brand.In 2011, the company "K-1 Engineering presented a version of the attack Roadster for the Chinese automotive market.

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