History of Kenguru

The American company "Kenguru", founded in 2010, became the winner in the category of social startups.The young engineers of the company had introduced a new generation of vehicles for people with disabilities, and the first of them, caught in a mass production became the model B1. This vehicle is designed for wheelchair users and is equipped with manual control, created on the basis of motorcycle steering. In addition, single car completely devoid of the side door, the driver enters the cabin through a special door, which allows the man to penetrate into the interior and driving, without having to leave the wheelchair.Body model B1 is made of carbon fiber, which resulted in minimal weight, and under the hood is an electric motor, of a power equivalent to 20 horse power, providing a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour. In 2013, the company's engineers presented a modified model Z1, which is controlled by a special joystick with one hand only.

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